UX Design

Create visually beautiful and functional mobile first designs, user tested for optimal performance

Frontend & UX Development

Uses latest technologies and frameworks to develop responsive and SEO friendly webpages


Develop and create widgets and modules to be demoed and converted into production code

Branding / Iconography

Branding and revamping of companies including logos, custom iconography, web & print design, and stationary

A Personal Note

"As a designer and a developer I have a constant passion to learn and grow with the latest trends. Keeping up-to-date with new technology and tools is cruial to move forward in this competitive field. I love expressing myself through clean and simple to use design. Much like a butterfly, the complexity of the insect is overlayed by beautiful symmetry, never to distrupt the viewers eye."

Apps & Web Design

To-Do App Design

New workflow for a to-do app designed for the iPhone X on ios 11.

Rating & Review Workflow

UX workflow for an updated, mobile-first, approach on capturing ratings and comments.

Twitter Redesign

Showcasing what a Twitter App material design concept would look like on the iPhone X.

Homepage Abstract

Custom abstract background overlayed with vivid colors to make important content pop off the page.

Homepage Material

Contemporary concept incorporating Material Design and custom illustrations.

Responsive Profile Design

Mobile first design for a profile summary page.

Minimalist Profile

A clean and simiple two column design for a rating and review profile page.

Style Guide

Custom style guide showcasing colors, buttons, fonts etc.

Appointment Confirmation

Confirmation after you go through the appointment booking process.

Graphic Design

Medical Icons

Samplings from a custom made medical icons set.


Custom made illustrated medical guide infographic.

Logo Design

Custom logo design for a motocross racing & apparel company.

Invitation Design

Custom invitation design and hand made graphics.

Logos & Branding

Company branding and logo creation.

Artistic Illustration

Defining the differences between the pragmatic left brain and creative right brain.